NEXT 2013: Beyond The Game

In The Washington Post: The pentagon soccer club organizes a pick-up soccer matche every lunch hour of every workday. Dedication is at the core of this soccer club, and the words “family” and “team” become interchangeable. The only notable break the club has taken from their noon games occurred after the September 11th attacks in 2001, when they stopped their games for a few weeks out of respect. They came back together on the field to heal and find strength in one another. It started as a club for pentagon employees, but this team has since opened up to the community and it has become an astonishing club of all ages, nationalities, and stories. The pentagon soccer club is a support system. Its members face extraordinary challenges as they may deploy and come back, and as they come back, it is to a family homecoming. Dave Nanney, Tedd Ogren, and Sarah Harting are core members of this team. Through their experiences and commitment to the team & the “beautiful game” they give a hint of the overall importance of this devoted, strong family, and how a simple lunchtime match of soccer can go much further beyond the game.

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